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Cosmic Shenanigans

Cosmic Shenanigans is a podcast focusing on cosmic horror in films, television, art, games, music, fashion, pop culture, and just about anywhere else our little tentacles can reach. Host Mary SanGiovanni delves into what makes it timelessly relevant and enjoyable, and examines how it permeates so much of modern culture. Further, as a writer of cosmic horror herself, Mary looks at her and others’ roles in the subgenre and in publishing at large, and explores the female perspective toward and within works of cosmic horror.

Aug 16, 2020


In part two of this two-parter, Mary looks at Randolph Carter's continuing adventures with the strange and unknown.

Aug 9, 2020


In part one of this two-parter, Mary looks at Lovecraft's autobiographical title character and his earliest introduction to cosmic horror.